Dead Trigger MOD APK v2.1.3 (Unlimited Money)

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June 12, 2024
Category Action Games
Offered By MADFINGER Games
Version 2.1.1
Size 154MB
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Features Unlimited Money
Views Daily 127
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Do you have a smartphone and love playing games but are tired of the same old game apps? Then this post is for you! You’ll learn about a new app that will satisfy your gaming needs. Dead Trigger Mod APK is an action-packed zombie shooting game with many features, including weapons, maps, and power-ups. The best part is that it’s free and available on Google Play for instant download.

The Game is a first-person shooting game, with you taking on the role of a lone survivor fending off zombies with an array of weapons. What makes this app different from the others is that you have absolutely no time limit Also Check out Lords Mobile Mod APK.

dead trigger mod apk

Especially if you’re playing in Endless Mode, there are missions to complete that will guide you toward achieving better weapons. Power-ups are also available to help you achieve your goal of making it through alive.

The Game is free and includes many missions and weapons, including a crossbow and machine gun. It also features several upgradeable weapons, many enemy types, and many things to blow up. You can also play the Game in single-player or multiplayer Mode with a friend.


DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK is the modified version of the Game. This is a first-person shooting game, and you are playing as a lone survivor fending off zombies with different weapons. Power-ups are also available to help you achieve your goal of making it through alive.

dead trigger mod apk unlimited money

The Game is available on Google Play and you can download this app for free from the link below. The original Game was released in 2013, but several updates have been made, such as improved gameplay and graphics. Download Free Apps for Android

DEAD TRIGGER APK Technical Specifications

The graphical quality of this Game is quite good because it comes from the DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK app will require your Android device to be running at least Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. There is also an extensive requirements list below, so double-check before downloading, or you will not be able to run the Game.

dead trigger mod apk (unlimited money and gold and ammo)

After downloading it, you will need at least 2 GB of free space on your Android device to install and store the game files, so make sure that is available before installing this app. If you want to play multiplayer Mode with a friend, they must also download the same Game from Google Play because the app is unavailable on iTunes or Amazon AppStore.

Features of Dead Trigger MOD APK

Dead Trigger Mod Apk is an Android game that has been around for a while. The latest version of the Game, which is called, has some new features. 

The most notable feature in this updated game version is that you can now play as female characters. If you want more diversity and less sexism in your games, you should try this one.

dead trigger mod apk hack

Dead Trigger also includes an improved graphics engine, so everything looks better on newer devices than on older Game versions.

Secure vital supplies

Click on the red box to collect supplies to buy new weapons.

Destroy Zombies

Click on the enemy and aim your gun at them. The zombies can come from anywhere, so you must always watch them. 

Look for extra resources.

Explore the area for extra resources that you can use to buy more ammo. A fair amount of the missions will require finding a certain number of resources to advance. If there are any areas on your map with yellow dots, those spots have extra ammunition and items for you.

Full Gameplay Walkthrough Video On Youtube

The DEAD TRIGGER, MOD Android app, is similar to other games, such as Modern Combat and Call of Duty. You will need to learn how the controls work to master this Game. As you play on, you will get better at shooting and can defend yourself against more enemies.

You can upgrade your weapons when you earn cash by completing missions or finding items in the environment while playing the Game Mode called “Dead Ops.”

rise of dead trigger mod apk

You will encounter many enemies as you play the Game, but they can be just as quickly killable with a single shot. Your success will depend on how quickly and accurately you can shoot the zombies. It would be best not to allow hostile zombies to get too close, or they may kill you.

Protect the Safe Haven

If the zombies infect your Safe Haven, then you will lose instantly. Whenever you see yellow dots on your map, those spots have extra ammo and resources that can be used to upgrade your weapons. The more missions you complete, the better gear the military will give you.”

Target Zombies in Multiplayer Mode Experience

You should try out Dead Trigger 2 as soon as possible. The Game is quite popular and has a lot of positive feedback from players who have tried it out. If you want to play with a friend, they will need to download the same app from for you guys to connect. You can play against online opponents worldwide and I think that is a pretty cool feature.

The shooting mechanics are also very smooth and the gameplay has no glitches or bugs. I have encountered a few problems, but it has more to do with lag than anything else (I play on wifi). The developers seem to update this Game regularly, so you should not encounter any problems.

Load your gun and shoot them up

The graphics for this Game are pretty impressive. The latest version includes new features, such as female characters and improved graphics, making everything look better on more recent devices than older game versions. Dead Trigger is an Android Game that has been around for a while. 

Train to become a zombie killer

If you are bored of the same old games and want something different, this one should be fine. It will also teach you how to shoot zombies so you can shoot them with real-life bullets if you ever need to.

You might even get some ideas from playing Dead Trigger 2. If you are stuck in the Game, hungry zombies are coming to get you and slamming zombies with cars; you must install the latest version of Dead Trigger 2.

Want more tips

Each mission will unlock new guns you can use, giving you plenty of choices when choosing what type best suits your play style. 

You can find guides on Youtube or other websites about the best guns and strategies to beat different missions. “Guardian Angel” has some of the best tips for this Game on Youtube, so you should check out his channel if you plan to continue playing Dead Trigger 2. He recently added a new video that provides an updated list of good weapons against zombies in this Game.

Key Features of Dead Trigger MOD APK

  • 12 Mission Campaign Mode, where the player can unlock new levels and weapons (unlockable via in-app purchase)
  • 6 Exclusive Maps for Multiplayer modes (including newly added Original, King, and Sniper Forts)
  • New Boss Zombie Enemy Types
  • 2 Weapons for Survivor-to-be and Rookie have been added: the Big Bad 4-Wheeled Walker Tank and the Mini Bomb car with remote control.
  • New Player Classes to Unlock & Master (Infantry, Spec Ops, Demolitions, Paramedic)
  • Collect Gold from new Gold Crates, which can be used to upgrade Guns & Skills.
  • New Bigger Safezones with more loot on higher levels of difficulty (applies to Campaign only)
  • Dozens of new weapons upgrades, skills and items for Survivor
  • Daily Reward System – Collect Gold from your Daily Reward for playing the Game each day
  • New Achievements / Awards
  • Weekly Tournaments with prizes for competing players.

How to Download DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK for Android

DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK is a game that has been one of the most popular games on for many years. It was among the top 10 downloaded apps on Android devices until recently. The Game is now free to download so you can enjoy this interactive and thrilling zombie shooting game with your friends anytime! Read more to find out how it works.

You can follow these steps to download DEAD TRIGGER for Android:

Visit and go directly to the website’s home page. Click the “Dead Trigger 2” link and wait until you get to the Game’s download page (sometimes it takes a while for the link to load). You can then download the Game easily and free of charge.

Install apk 202

If you are downloading it for the first time, you must create an account on Apkspure to access the download page. While creating your account, you will be asked to provide your info, so it is recommended that you choose a username and password that can help keep your details secure. Select the “Download” button and wait for the DEAD TRIGGER to download.

After downloading it, click the “Open” button to play the Game on your Android device. Once you open it and start playing, you can choose whether or not you want to use the mods and cheats.

If you have previously downloaded the DEAD TRIGGER (installed on your Android device), you can reaccess the download page and click the “Open” button to start playing.

Dead Trigger MOD APK FAQs

Dead Trigger Mod Apk is a 3D zombie shooter game that has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The modded APK version of the Game allows you to use cheats and play with unlimited ammo and health. This article will answer common questions about using the Game modded APK file, such as downloading it, some good features in this MOD, and which devices can run this app.

Q 1. What can I do with Dead Trigger APK crack?

A 1. Using the modded version of DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK, you will have unlimited money to buy weapons, ammo, and skill upgrades. You can also unlock all game levels by purchasing them with in-game money instead of actual cash.

Q 2. What are the requirements for Dead Trigger APK?

A 2. DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK can run on Android 4.0 and higher versions. The recommended phone model for the Game is Samsung Galaxy S3, which will work best on this device.

Q 3. How do I download Dead Trigger MOD APK for Android?

A 3. Before downloading the Game, you must create an account on If you have not done this already, click the “Dead Trigger 2” link on the home page of Apkspure, and then follow the instructions provided. Once you have completed the steps, you can access the Game download page.

Q 4. How much does the Dead Trigger MOD APK cost?

A 4. If you have already played the accessible version of the DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK, you can download the modded version for free.


Overall, Dead Trigger APK is an exciting and thrilling game that will surely get you hooked. With the modded app, it’s even more addictive because you will have unlimited health, ammo, and money to buy all the upgrades you want. 

If you’ve been looking for a game that will keep you entertained for hours, this might be the Game you’ve been waiting for! You can download it here.

By Kasim Husain • Last Updated

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