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June 13, 2024
Name SD Maid Pro Mod APK
Category Android Apps
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Version 5.3.20
Size 8.7MB
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About a year ago, I started working on SD Maid Pro APK as an extra part-time job. Progress was plodding, with only me developing and supporting the application in my spare time. Things changed after some great helpers were added to the project.

We can now develop SD Maid at breakneck speed compared to before! We have a much better core product ready now than one year ago, but there’s room for more improvements. We’ve been talking about this internally for quite some time now and finally decided to share our thinking with anyone interested.

sd maid mod apk

This article will be about what we think should or could be done with SD Maid to make it even better – not only from a technical perspective but also from a business one.

What is SD Maid Pro APK

SD Maid Pro APK is currently a paid application. It’s not open source, has no functionality limitations, and offers support compared to the free version. You can try it before you buy with SD Maid Pro, which will prompt you to purchase it if you decide that you like what we’re doing and want full access to all features (and at a fraction of the price, too.).

These improvements we’ve been thinking about for a while now would make SD Maid even better. Please note: this is just an idea dump! There is no guarantee that any of this will happen. Some or all of these may be implemented already in future versions, but there’s only one way to find out.

sd maid mod apk latest

All data is down to the discussion of everyone involved. I will leave out all names as well so that it won’t be too easy to tell who said what 🙂

We’re sure about this: we’ve been thinking about these various topics for a long time now and are confident enough to discuss them publicly. Though most of us agree, everything here is based only on individual opinions (although most of us agree). The following may alter or not depending on our priorities at that given moment. Nothing below should be assumed as fact.

Features OF SD Maid Pro Mod Apk

We are listed in order of priority (as described by the accompanying text). SD Maid Pro APK There can be plenty more ideas here as well – we’ll leave that to your imagination. We also have many other topics for our future planned version and some open questions, like database structure optimization, which hasn’t been sorted out yet. We will, however, discuss those separately.

sd maid mod apk 2021

File manager

Folder selection dialog, built-in search filters, save/load path profiles.

Sorting and renaming

Sort by name, extension, or date. Move files up/down in the list. Combine multiple identical sort methods into one sort button (i.e., ‘sort by modification date’ – sorting by file size then moving it up)

Delete confirmation dialog and trash support.

Multiple items in the trash with the “Empty Trash” menu entry (i.e., empties the entire trash can)

sd maid pro mod apk 2021

File information

Fundamental info like size, modification date, or file attributes. Extra information like MD5 checksum, EXIF tags, or similar metadata for pictures/videos/audio files.

Some More Features

SD Maid Pro APK is the best cleaner app for Android. Clean your phone of junk, like old photos and videos you don’t need anymore! The only downside to this app is that it requires a rooted device to function correctly.

  • Improved and updated database of apps
  • Smartphone-friendly user interface
  • New languages supported – Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and German.
  • Robust file cleaning capabilities 
  • Optimized for Android 4+ devices with a new app design
  • Supports new versions of the Android OS, including KitKat and Lollipop.

What are the uses of SD Maid Mod Apk?

SD Maid Mod Apk is a tool for everyone! That said, there is probably more than one group of users on We’ve been discussing our goals and what we’re using the SD Maid Pro apk for internally.

When I took over the project, I was just another person who wanted something better than Ccleaner on his phone. Now that all my priorities have shifted towards making it a good product rather than just keeping up with the competition (I hope you’ll appreciate this more in the future!), I went from being part of a casual user to being one serious business user!

So, what’s your use case? What do you want SD Maid Pro for? Again, this is only our thinking based on what we want to do with SD Maid.

We wanted to publish this article so people know what’s happening and can make a better call for themselves instead of blindly assuming that these changes are good or bad.

How to Download And Install SD Maid Pro Mod Apk

so this is the link to download SD Maid Pro Mod Apk Android; with this app, you can easily clean up an Android device that goes rogue and legs; run this app, and you’ll see a significant difference in the performance of your Android device. If you have root access to your Android device, you can use it for much better performance.   So download the SD Maid Pro apk from the below link and enjoy.

Step 1: the first step you have to complete is downloading the SD Maid Pro android application, then you can install it on your Android device.

Step 2: Please remember that you have to install this app on your device with the help of a third-party source because it’s not available on Apkspure.Com.

Install apk 202

Step 3: After the installation, you can open and run the SD Maid Pro Android application to complete cleaning tasks.

Step 4: Download the SD Maid Handy Tool Pro apk file below and open it with your File Explorer app.

Step 5: From there, tap the install button and wait to finish the installation process.

Step 7: After opening the SD Maid Pro application, you can use that excellent tool to clean junk files from your Android device. Accordingly, remember that you can use the SD Maid Pro app for better performance and to extend the life of your appliance.

Step 9: This is all about downloading and installing the excellent cleaner application; please share it with your friends if you like it! Hopefully, this article is helpful for you.

SD Maid Pro APK FAQs

Your digital safety is not guaranteed with your ever-growing Android phone. SD Maid Pro APK Who knows what could lurk in the background, waiting to steal your data?

How does SD Maid work?

SD Maid doesn’t optimize the internal flash storage; the file system on top of it often optimizes SD cards. SD Maid only looks at the file system metadata to find useless files, and then you can remove them with a single tap.

What is the corpse finder on SD Maid?

A corpse finder is a tool to detect leftover (deleted) files after an app is removed from your device.

What does the Android device tree structure look like?

Please go ahead and read the links in this paragraph; they tell you what is what on Android devices.  

How do I uninstall SD Maid?

You can uninstall SD Maid from your device by going into Settings > Applications > SD Maid and tapping Uninstall.


SD Maid Pro APK is an excellent app for cleaning junk files, clearing the cache and wiping the trash from your Android phone. This app can improve your device’s performance and extend its life. So if you have any trouble with your Android device and won’t fix it or want to clean it, download this application. I think that it will help you a lot in solving all your problems.

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